7 Reasons and advantages of owning Rental Property as a landlord in Dubai

Posted by Admin | Aug 15, 2022

Dubai is an investor’s paradise, especially if you have a thing or two for real estate properties. There has never been a better time to be a landlord here. From luxury houses to apartments, there is a piece of property for every type of investor. Several projects are underway as we speak. 

Let’s look at the advantages of owning rental property as a landlord, in Dubai:

1.    New Developments Galore:

One of the best things about being a property owner in Dubai is that there will be consistent development. Expect new road links, recreational facilities, public resthouses, and other places. You will see the constant buzz of construction, and that’s your area’s development happening. After these constructions, the prices of your property will also soar. You will also see developers introducing innovative technologies in villas and apartment complexes. As a landlord, all of these things will add value to your property. 

2.    The Ministry of Happiness:

Wait, what? Yes, this might be a weird reason to be a landlord in Dubai, but it does make sense. Let’s tell you how. The government of Dubai is adamant about keeping its residents happy. This happiness ministry is tasked with measuring the happiness of Dubai’s residents. It does this by providing amenities that enhance the residents’ lifestyle. Such actions are bound to increase the value of your investment in Dubai.   

3.    Safety and Security:

Dubai is one of the most politically stable places in the MENA region. Imagine walking into a shop, but you forget to close the door of your car. Guess what? You can find the car just how you left it. That’s how safe Dubai is! It would be an anomaly if something untoward happened to your property when you were in this city. According to a news report, Dubai has been ranked number one in the world with the least number of crimes related to theft and sexual assault. 

4.    Family Destination:

Every community in Dubai is designed and planned with families in mind. You will find supermarkets, public parks, shopping malls, leisure spots, cinema theatres, etc. The Telegraph has also named Dubai a family destination, and rightly so. 

5.    Innumerable options:

You will be floored by the number of options available. Everything from apartment penthouses, lake houses, vacation homes, luxury villas, etc., can be found at desirable locations across Dubai. If you are looking for cheaper properties, there are several options for that too. 

6.    Zero Property Tax:

The sweetest deal for landlords is that you don’t have to pay any property tax. It means that there is no tax payable on your property after you pay a small registration fee to the Dubai Land Department. In other places, you would have to shell out property tax regularly. 

Wrapping up:

For those hesitating to invest in real estate in Dubai, you are doing yourself and your future a great disservice. Even though Dubai is a competitive market, it holds a lot of promise for the future and is one of the most loved destinations for expats to settle, because of its peace and safety. You would be bombarded with requests to rent your property by prospective tenants. If you want to be a future landlord in Dubai, it has a win-win written all over it. 

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