How can you create top value for your real estate investment in Dubai?

Posted by Admin | Jul 25, 2022

Dubai’s property market is going through one of its best phases. If you were dilly-dallying about investing in its real estate scene, there couldn’t have been a better time. To get maximum ROI, you need to have a strategic plan and follow best practices. The government is also announcing new developments and initiatives that bolster the growth of real estate in Dubai. It is a great time for anyone armed with the right amount of knowledge. 

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to get as much value from your real estate investment as possible: 

1. Understand the market:

When investing in Dubai real estate, you have to understand the market as there are a lot of nitty-gritty involved. If there is no proper study, you might end up losing your hard-earned money or end up with legal issues. Study how the market functions, the surrounding sentiments, and general conditions. Hiring a property management company will help you a great deal in familiarizing yourself with the market conditions.

2. Learn about different property types: 

The properties in Dubai vary in terms of ROI, price, architecture, and several other factors. Once you realize that there are several types of properties, you will be able to make a much better decision with respect to your real estate investment. 

Properties in Dubai are of two types: ready and off-plan. Ready properties are the ones that are immediately available for move-in. Off-line properties are those that are still in the development phase and are priced lower than the move-in properties. 

The properties are further categorized based on their layouts and structure. Penthouses, duplexes, apartments, townhouses, villas, etc., are the division of the property types. Villas have gained a lot of traction among investors these days and it is expected to stay that way for some time.  

3. Location location location:

At the prospect of sounding like a cliché, everyone knows that real estate is all about location. A property in the city center will fetch you more ROI than one that is in the outskirts. Or a property that is replete with amenities will also fetch you a lot in the market. Do a thorough research of the area, property prices and current and future development possibilities. 

4. Invest in projects that hold a future:

Making a real estate investment in properties that are sure to develop in the immediate future should be one that you target if your objective is ROI. Some of the residential properties that are gaining a lot of traction are ones that are developed in a sustainable and efficient manner. Environmentally-friendly practices to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprints are properties whose values will increase multi-fold since everyone wants to build a safer place for the future. 

5. Build a network:

The best market deals are always a result of collaboration with the real estate experts in the area. Visit seminars and trade shows to understand the pulse of the market. Get in touch with property experts through social media and other web forums. Learn strategies from experienced investors that can be put to good use. 

6. Connect with the right agent:

Find a real estate company that does in-depth research and has the necessary wherewithal to do it. If you have trouble finding a reliable agent, you can apply to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). A good real estate agent will give you several insights that will help increase the value of your investment. 

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