Seize a remarkable investment opportunity with this unparalleled and captivating unit, providing an extraordinary living experience. This luxury property is crafted with top-notch, high-end materials, ensuring it exceeds the expectations of its residents.
Property Details:

Mercedes Benz Places by Binghatti is an exquisite residential complex located in the vibrant heart of Dubai. This luxury apartment building is a collaboration between Binghatti, a renowned real estate developer, and Mercedes-Benz, the esteemed luxury car brand. Towering majestically at an impressive 65 stories high and reaching a height of 341 meters, this development is a true testament to the seamless fusion of automotive excellence and architectural grandeur.
• 3 Bedrooms
• Size: 2762 sq. ft

Exclusive Features/Services:
• Solar Photovoltaic Technology
• LEED Certification
• Penthouses Private Parking
• Acoustic System
• Smart System
• SPA Service
• Sky Infinity Pool
• Private Pool
• Podium Pool
• Gym
• Concierge Service
• Parking Access Card
• Food & Beverage
• Valet Service
• House Keeping

Nearby location:
• Burj Khalifa
• Dubai Mall
• Wings of Mexico Statue
• Dubai Opera

Mercedes-Benz Places represents a strategic collaboration between Binghatti Developers and the esteemed luxury automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, located in Downtown Dubai. This exclusive residence, comprising luxury apartments and penthouses, is poised to redefine opulence within the skyline of Downtown Dubai. Embodying a steadfast commitment to seamlessly merging automotive excellence with architectural grandeur, the project stands as a distinctive fusion of real estate and automotive brilliance.

For more details Contact:
Pranita Borhade
T: +971 4 437 0431