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Looking to start your investment in rental property and not sure how and where to get started? Leasing your property in Dubai can be a great way to generate extra income at the same time maintaining the ownership of the property.

Managing your rental property can be challenging, especially when you are not present in the country. Nothing comes easy, there’s a lot of things to be considered before renting out your property in Dubai, Sky View Real Estate Brokers and their specialized agents can help you go through our seamless process of renting your property. Our team has the experience and connections to find and screen the right tenants, while taking care of rental laws, creating and following a rental agreement, collecting rent online, documentations along with your property management etc.

Find below the comprehensive guide to rent your property, so let’s now give you a walk-through of the process.

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Process To Rent

It is a paramount task for you to find the right broker, who you can trust and build your confidence, not only professional relationship but being friendly too. It is so important that you as a customer feel 100% comfortable and able to have an open and honest conversation with your broker.

You always have a price that you would like to achieve while deciding on your property to rent, but is this achievable and realistic without knowing the current market insights? The next step from here would be to do your own due diligence by searching similar properties and their ongoing rents in your area and also other neighbourhood.

The best way forward is to allow your broker to advise and share insights into the rental property market and share you with market appraisals and show you the prices of properties that have been offlate occupied in your late.

In order to avoid hassle of multiple brokers coming up with different offers by listing your property on their portals and you may happen to spend more money on regular adverts, some of which can even display a different asking price than you had agreed with your broker, the best way forward is to consider well qualified exclusive broker who can give you the right advice as per current market value of your property and be an exclusive lifelong property consultant.

Always ensure to have your property in perfect condition, when a potential tenant is about to visit. It’s always advisable to inform your broker what you love about the property and its exclusive features, so they can relay this message to the potential tenants and highlight the key features that may be an added advantage.

Anytime an offer is received, we always recommend the landlords to be willing to compromise on a few things, there was a time when tenants/companies used to pay rent in a single cheque. Nowadays, most of the cases the rent is paid by the tenant directly and you are more likely to get a better price if you are ready to accept multiple cheques as majority of properties rented out are paid in 3 to 6 cheques.

Once you have received an offer from the broker and you are ready to accept it, it’s now time to check all the legal documentation prepared and be ready to sign in. Do not hesitate to have all your clarifications and doubts cleared from your broker before the contract is signed. 

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