Developing the CRM Strategy by Saabsoft

Developing the CRM Strategy by Saabsoft

The first stage in developing a CRM strategy is undoubtedly defining the company's goal, i.e. what type of products the company wants to focus on, how these products should be sold, who will be a potential customer. Firstly, it is necessary to specify the product, the target group of recipients, and thus the type of market, eliminating risky clients. To determine the purpose of the company, it is helpful to examine the market and customer needs.

The product must meet the customers' needs. The product and its functions should be a solution to a client's problem. It is not difficult to create a product, but matching it to the customers' requirements and fitting it to the market can be a challenge. Before launching the product, it is necessary to know the needs and preferences of individual customers. Information about customers' previous experience with other products is extremely valuable. This will determine the customer's preferences. It is also helpful to measure the level of customer satisfaction, thanks to which customer preferences will be defined.

The next step in building a CRM strategy is acquiring customers. Promotional and marketing campaigns serve this purpose, but they must be thoroughly planned. Customers are tired of excessive information on various products. Therefore, it is important to make it clear to the customer that the product has already been tried and fulfills its role. Customers generally do not have time to become familiar with the features of a given product. They want clear and specific information if anyone has tried this product before and what they think about it, is it safe to use and meet the client's expectations. Therefore more and more companies advertising their product refer to the opinion of recognised experts.

Customer segmentation plays a major role in acquiring clients. Therefore, it is necessary to select customers who will generate profit for the company through their purchase. They are, the so-called, key customers, and therefore the most important for the company, because thanks to them, the company can operate and develop Customer-centred approach means meeting their needs and thus gaining their trust. The efficient and thoughtful approach to sales as well as to the preparation of an offer for the customer will be very helpful.

In order to gain customer trust, the key issue is good communication. Customers want to feel that they can always contact customer service. All available communication channels (mail, letter, telephone, etc.) should be used, but personal contact is the most important. It is then that the company gets to know the customer better and establishes closer relations. A personal meeting allows to learn about customer's preferences, even in private life. The knowledge of the client's hobby and a friendly conversation on this topic increase the feeling of trust, friendship and safety in the client.

Acquiring a client is half the battle. The second half is to maintain them, to build good relationships with them, so they will come back for new products. To maintain the customer, it is advisable to provide them with an appropriate after-sales service. The customer wants to be sure that the company will provide them with advice and answer their questions.

Selected tools of CRM:

In addition to the basic product, companies are increasingly offering additional services to clients. Currently used CRM tools/services for building lasting customer relationships include:

1. call centre,
2. contact centre,
3. key account management,
4. lead management (applying communication standards in the customer acquiring process,
5. loyalty management (rules for granting loyalty packages and privileges).

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